Best Girl Athlete Album

This wee beauty called Carve Every Word should have been released in October but a hold up at the pressing plant means we will all have to wait until late January. Those of you familiar with CS Buchan may be alarmed to find out that Best Girl Athlete is in fact his 15 year old daughter Katie. Young Buchan is fast developing into a brilliant songwriter and performer and is set to make a big impact. In the meantime you can find out the latest at the BGA website.

In Memoriam: 1-UP Records

Fit like en? Delighted to be putting on a free show this Saturday at 2pm at the old 1-UP records shop on Belmont Street, Aberdeen. The kind folks in the culture team from Aberdeen City Council at ’17’ have given us the premises for the day and we are going to  have a screening of a short independent film about socialism in Aberdeen, some solo piano pieces from Chemical Callum and a performance from Best Girl Athlete. There was going to be a fundraising, emotive exhibition in aid of the Auchnagatt  Blind Orphans in 17 on Saturday afternoon but we are more important and the orphans have been sent packing. There will be quite a few events and releases coming up so please keep checking for updates.

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