The Maternal Bum Bond Connexion

A band so mythical in status and with such dubious and crass origins in their title that I find it difficult to begin to explain. The Maternal Bum Bond Connexion were a rag tag collection of extremely talented musical trabadours (although you might find this hard to believe from some of the nonsense recordings!) from across the North-East of Scotland.

Banned from one venue for stealing whiskey and toasting the fruit belonging to another band, being paid for one gig solely in pills, playing another on magic mushrooms, these guys are absolutely the most magical collection of talented yet cosmically moronic twats I have ever come across.

Incredibly they produced several albums which I truly regard as amazing pieces of lo-fi, psychadelic, stoner, bedroom craft.

Having heard recent calls for a live reunion from these guys I thought some album re-issues were in order! Download them for free and there will be phsical copies available on CD coming soon! Enjoy, ladies and gents!

Check out the video for ‘Gay Sonnet in A’ here.

Bums in Space

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An independent collective of artists based in and around the North East of Scotland

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