Wendell Borton


These lads have a wonderful career ahead of them in personal fitness training and surreal eroticism in the arts…should they choose it. I mean it.

When I first heard the new EP, I cried and I was very angry. I’m fine now though, thanks.

Having made a name for themselves on the Scottish live scene playing with the likes of JOEY FOURR, WOMPS, Pinact, Poor Things and The Van T’s, Wendell Borton will release their debut, self-titled EP on Monday 14th March, 2016. You might cry, you might get angry, but eventually, you will be fine and you will accept the situation.

It’s a power-pop mashup between, Weezer, Dinosaur Jnr and Pavement with a bit of Jimmy Saville thrown in to provide a ‘hilarious’ edge. Sounds as terrifying as it is pleasurable. Netsounds rightly highlight the band as one to watch in 2016 and I’m fairly sure that the band will go onto even bigger and better things.





An independent collective of artists based in and around the North East of Scotland

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