“Accessing a CS Buchan gig these days appears like a rare privilege; it’s an experience that is never to be repeated, forgotten or recreated, but is ultimately fulfilling to the point of exasperation. You applaud out of courtesy, then depart with his songs stuck in your head indicating a songwriting master, not a novel amateur. Aside from the banter of a damned funny man, CS Buchan gives a lot more than expected; offering a songwriting masterclass which is the envy of his contemporaries. The audience wonders if this funny man can make serious music, or if this serious man can make funny quips. He can do both brilliantly”.
Radar Scotsman

“Our top pick for 2014. One way or another – and no matter what your musical taste is – please give this album a listen.”

“His constant output of high-quality songs is most certainly above-average, bordering on the psychopathic.”

“There is a glorious connection in the form of Katie Buchan and she is only 15 years old! She sings on both tracks and shows just how versatile her vocal is. This is another of those releases that astounds me when it comes to the talent coming out of Scotland.”

Katie Buchan, whose ethereal voice takes the lead on father CS Buchan’s track Leave It All Behind broods like a folky dream.
Scottish Fiction

Incredible vocals from Best Girl Athlete aka Katie Buchan who’s voice is imbued with an emotional depth that’s unlike anything else you will hear at the moment.
Mood  of Collapse

“With the amount of in-your-face earworms, the kind that’ll dig trenches and cement themselves into your brain, and sublime choruses being displayed proudly on Commit, it beggar’s belief that they’ll remain underground heroes for long. This is pop music, plain for all to see.”
The Line of Best Fit

“It’s not often I hear a debut album that sounds this accomplished – the production is impeccable, and every track could easily be released as a standalone single. I’d suggest you keep a close eye on these guys, as I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up making a lot of noise on the UK music scene over the coming months.”


“IndianRedLopez are soft electronica with a jagged percussive edge, countered by sometimes pleading, sometimes positive vocals. There’s no real drawback to that style of music, especially as they seem to be able to mesh types and genres to create a deep arsenal of bespoke weaponry that will stun, enthuse and perplex us.”

“Simple but deceptively intelligent lyrics seal the deal on superior, skyward cuts such as ‘Ropes’ and ‘The Third (Incision)’ whilst some muscular guitar clout in ‘My Eyes’ and ‘The New Black’ helps bring a welcome edge…….Empty Your Lungs and Breathe stands as a solid debut from a group gleefully exploring the space between the bedroom and the studio to promising effect. Breathe it in.”
The Skinny 

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